Do’s and Don’ts When Buying a Car from a Dealer!

November 6, 2019/dealershiplocator

When you’ll go to a dealership to check out the car, close the deal, and take delivery. Keep in mind some steps; this is the phase when the dealership staff could try to make up for a low price on the car by making you pay more in other areas.


Here are some money-saving tips for getting the best deal and avoiding unnecessary extras

Finalize the Deal

Donegotiate one thing at a time”. Nail down the new-vehicle cost before you arrange the exchange or financing terms.

Do consider and “test drive the car you’re buying“. Find out that it’s the right trim level with the right features.

Do exit if a “sales rep attempts to raise the value you negotiated”. Take your least competitive quotes and evaluated dealer cost figure to use as an influence in the event that you intend to do some last consulting in the showroom.

Also, keep in mind:

  • Don’t buy unnecessary extras
  • Don’t purchase an extended warranty
  • Do cross out extras

Don’t visit any “dealership special sales events” solicited by direct mail. These are often executed by contracted specialists trained in techniques that increase a dealer’s profit.

Don’t negotiate around a “monthly payment figure”. This gives the salesperson an excess of space to control figures to the vendor’s bit of advantage, particularly on the off chance that you have an exchange or are financing through the dealer.